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By Larry C.


Did you ever really think of moonlight?

Moonlight can do so much.

It can shine through the trees and turn the green leaves golden.

It brightens the night with its peaceful glow, and makes the night safer for all.

It enables us to study our nearest neighbor in space, and creates the man in the moon,  for those of us who can see him.

It lights up your lovers face and makes their eyes sparkle.

It can make you fall in love.  

It turns the ocean into a shimmering pool of restless silver.

The stars around it go into hiding, because of its powerful glow.

It can shine through stormy clouds and create an illusion of wonderment.

It makes the raindrops on your windows into tears of light.

On Halloween it can cast long scary shadows and make you believe in witches and goblins.

The moon on the snow in winter makes everything seem to be covered with white diamond dust.

A single moonbeam can find its way through the crack in your drapes and shine right in your eyes, to remind you that its waiting for you.

A lifetime of commitment can be made by a couple on a moonlight walk.

Yes, Moonlight is powerful stuff, yet all too often we ignore it.

On your next moonlit night, look up at the moon and the stars.  The beauty will make you think of God.      




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