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Rules to Win Our Award

1. I do believe in child safe web sites.  Please no pornographic content. I am very strict, but I will take into consideration the artistic nature of websites that are submitted.

2. You should be willing to link your award to my website site, if you are a winner.

3.  Your website should be in English. I can make some exceptions, but if I don't know what I'm reading, I can't be sure of it's content.

4.  Astronomy and Bryce Art related pages are great but not a requirement.  Websites themselves are a form of artistic expression.

5.  Please be sure to fill out the form accurately and completely. I cannot even consider a website, if I cannot contact you by email, get to your page, or do not know which award you are applying for.

6. Please have the basic knowledge needed for HTML.  I love beginners sites, but I need you to know how to place a graphic on your site and link it to us if you win.

7. I have had several submissions from sites that hadn't been completed yet or had nothing on them at all. I do understand that website work may still be in progress, or continually upgraded, but please do not submit unless your site is constructed for the most part.  Bad links, missing graphics or script errors can be a problem.

8.  If your page meets my requirements, submit the information below, we will be in touch with you in the next week or so if you have won.  If you do not hear from us, you may contact us at the address below with any questions.  But we do not contact you if you do not win.

9. Still not sure, visit our Award Winners Page.

10.  If the form below is not working, Email the same Information to with Clear Skies Award in the subject line to: .

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